Promotes the transformation of companies into organizations that generate a culture of health. This is achieved through different wellness programs and activities, to generate a positive impact on the employees and consequently on the entire company.



  •  Integration of the health culture in the company.
  •  Increase the quality of well-being and happiness of the employees.
  •  Better work environment and corporate climate.
  • Develop the maximum potential and productivity on an individual and collective level.
  • Decrease absenteeism and presenteeism, improving results.

Together with your HR department, we will design a Corporate Wellness program according to the characteristics and needs of your company. We will manage it in such a way that this will not generate any extra work for the company.


The corporate wellness programs will always include activities to work on the following:



The corporate wellness programs will be designed combining different activities:
Workshops (nutrition, wellness, NEAT, ergonomics, etc.)
Sessions (coaching, physical therapy, psychology, dance, etc.)
Classes (fitness, yoga, Qi Gong, ergonomics, nutrition, etc.)
Practices (meditation, mindfulness, music therapy, etc.)
Programs (quit-smoking, de-stress management, healthy sleep, etc.)
Challenges (drink, steps, 5K run, walking meetings, volunteer, biking, etc.)


In order for the Corporate Wellness program to be as effective as possible, we recommend our clients to opt in for an annual program. Through this continuity over time, we will be able to introduce a culture of health in the company, to create lasting changes in the lifestyle of employees, and with this, positive results both in the lives of employees and on the company’s income statement. Within the annual program, we will design an agenda of activities appropriate to the particular needs of each client.
• Program 4W: four activities a month, covering the 4 working areas.
• Program 8W: eight activities a month, covering the 4 working areas.
Customized program: Together with HR department and according to the company needs, number of employees, space, etc., we will design a program tailor-made to your company.
• Other services: book sessions, workshops or any of our work activities independently.
For more information, please contact: [email protected]